Downtown Improvement Board

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Downtown Improvement Board


Established 1972
Location 226 S. Palafox Pl, Suite 106
Seville Tower
Executive Director Walker Wilson
Board officers Michael Carro , Chairman
Jean Pierre N'Dione , Vice Chair
Nathan Hollar, Treasurer
Claire Campbell
Patti Sonnen
County Commissioner Robert Bender, ex-officio
City Councilmen Casey Jones, ex-officio
Staff 2
Budget $776,559 (FY2022-2023 projected)[1]

The Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is a quasi-governmental organization formed by the Florida legislature in 1972 with the purpose of developing and marketing the 44-block "core" of downtown Pensacola. Centered on Palafox Street, the DIB is similar in both mission and area to the Community Redevelopment Agency.

Purpose & leadership[edit]

The mission of the DIB is "to continue the removal of commercial blight; enhance property values; encourage economic development; attract commercial and residential development into the urban core; and beautify Downtown Pensacola."[2]

The DIB is governed by a five-member Board, nominated by the Mayor of Pensacola and appointed to three-year terms by the Pensacola City Council. There are three paid staff members, including an executive director.

The current director is Franklin "Kim" Kimbrough, who was selected from a pool of 23 candidates on September 10, 2004, three months after the resignation of previous director Wanda Enfinger.[3] At the time he was hired, Kimbrough's salary was set at $50,000. His contract was later amended to raise this figure to the average salary of the directors of the Santa Rosa Island Authority, the Port of Pensacola and the Pensacola Regional Airport — or nearly $100,000.[4]

Funding & budget[edit]

The Downtown Improvement Board is a taxing authority that levies an additional 2.00 mills on the taxable value of properties within its boundaries.

As of 2006, the organization's annual budget was $585,056, of which $372,464 came from property taxes. The remainder was provided by revenue from programs, events, sponsorships and interest.


<googlemap lat="30.411448" lon="-87.214622" type="map" zoom="14" width="300" height="300">
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30.417555, -87.216511 30.418091, -87.216618 30.417869, -87.218077 30.417351, -87.217948 30.417092, -87.219257 30.413761, -87.218528 30.413576, -87.219644 30.412947, -87.219515 30.412725, -87.220631 30.412984, -87.220695 30.412873, -87.221339 30.412632, -87.221274 30.412577, -87.221596 30.412429, -87.221575 30.412336, -87.222004 30.411022, -87.221704 30.411244, -87.220309 30.411578, -87.220373 30.41167, -87.219687 30.411892, -87.219772 30.411966, -87.219472 30.411337, -87.219343 30.411466, -87.218614 30.410319, -87.218356 30.410319, -87.218227 30.409745, -87.218249 30.408709, -87.218034 30.408876, -87.216918 30.407099, -87.216554 30.407358, -87.215717 30.40758, -87.214129 30.405267, -87.213635 30.405415, -87.212713 30.407802, -87.213249 30.408191, -87.211103 30.409116, -87.211275 30.409449, -87.211382 30.409523, -87.210889 30.409912, -87.210996 30.40982, -87.211447 30.410264, -87.211554 30.410356, -87.211039 30.410967, -87.211189 30.410837, -87.211833 30.411411, -87.212005 30.411466, -87.211726 30.411874, -87.211833 30.412077, -87.210846 30.412669, -87.210975 30.412836, -87.210095 30.416759, -87.210932 30.417573, -87.211039 30.417147, -87.213657 30.417999, -87.213893 30.417573, -87.216511


The 44-block area of the DIB is an uneven collection of commercial properties centered roughly around Palafox Street, bounded to the north by Belmont and Wright Streets and to the south by Lexington Plaza. The east-west axis is centered along Garden Street as far east as Alcaniz and as far west as A Street.


Downtown parking[edit]

The Downtown Parking Management District strives to provide plentiful, accessible, low cost and free parking throughout Downtown Pensacola. With 1,543 off-street spaces and 6,983 on-street spaces, you will find 8,526 parking spots dispersed in convenient locations throughout downtown.

Retail strategy[edit]

On December 6, 2007 the DIB unveiled a study by Fort Lauderdale-based firm Marketing Developments which laid out a two-year roadmap to improve the downtown retail environment. Among the recommendations:[5][6][7]

  • Change one-way streets to two-way.
  • Encourage business owners to keep later, more consistent hours of operation.
  • Hold weekend markets on the Palafox Street median.
  • Market downtown area under the name "HarborTown."

Expansion efforts[edit]

In 2006 the DIB sought to expand its boundaries in several directions, an effort that required approval of property owners within the proposed areas. Chairman Dan Lozier said the Board tried to assist restoration efforts at St. Michael's Cemetery following acts of vandalism, "but we were told that we couldn't make the donation because the cemetery isn't in the district."[8]

Boundaries of the proposed DIB expansion

The exact boundaries of the expansion proposal were altered several times to omit residential neighborhoods, instead focusing on four commercial areas:

Notably, the four areas included a number of undeveloped areas slated for future projects, like the Community Maritime Park and Hawkshaw Eastside, but the Belmont-DeVilliers neighborhood was not included. According to the proposed plan, property owners within the four areas would vote by mail-in ballot. The areas would be tabulated independently, meaning a failure to pass in one area would not affect the other three. If all the areas approved the expansion, the DIB would have received an additional $179,594 (approximated from 2006 property values).[1]

However, on September 28, 2006, the Pensacola City Council voted 5-4 to cancel the planned referendum, citing an undue burden on the residents who might be affected by the additional taxes.[9]


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