A Street

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A Street
North end: West Maxwell Street/West Jordan Street
West Cervantes Street
West Garden Street
South end: West Main Street

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.420256" lon="-87.223549" zoom="13" width="288" height="250"> 6#7F758BC5 30.433495, -87.224783 30.405415, -87.226467 </googlemap>

A Street is a north-south street in southern Pensacola. It is often used to delineate the western boundary of downtown Pensacola or special districts such as the Community Redevelopment Agency. According to historical maps, an alternate name for A Street at one time was Olivia Street.

A Street has its northern terminus at an unusual intersection, where it meets the one-way West Maxwell Street and the bidirectional West Jordan Street. East of A Street, West Maxwell Street travels westerly toward A Street carrying one-way traffic. As it meets A Street, the left lane of traffic on Maxwell must turn south on A Street while the right lane of traffic on Maxwell merges into West Jordan Street. Eastbound traffic on Jordan has no option but to turn south on A Street, and northbound traffic on A Street has no option but to turn west on Jordan.