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The Pensacola City Council is the elected body which serves as the legislative arm of the City of Pensacola government. The Council is composed of seven members, elected from single-member districts. The City Council elects a Council President annually who is responsible for chairing Council meetings and preparing meeting agendas.

Councilmembers serve four-year terms and are elected in nonpartisan contests.


From 1913 to 1931, the City of Pensacola was governed by a three-member city commission.

From 1931 to 2010, the City of Pensacola operated under a council-manager form of government. During most of that time — from 1931 to 2001 — the City Council was composed of ten members: seven elected from single-member districts, two elected at-large, and a mayor who was elected by the other council members and chaired council meetings. Beginning in 2001, the position of mayor was elected by voters citywide, but the mayor continued to serve on the city council.

In 2009, voters approved a new city charter which instituted a mayor–council form of government, and beginning in 2010, the position of mayor was separated from the city council, leaving a nine-member city council. In 2014, voters approved a charter amendment eliminating the council's two at-large seats, leaving a seven-member city council with all seats being elected from single-member districts.

Current City Council[edit]

Seat Council Member
District 1 Jennifer Brahier
District 2 Charles Bare
District 3 Casey Jones
District 4 Jared Moore
District 5 Teniadé Broughton
District 6 Allison Patton
District 7 Delarian Wiggins