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Wanda Enfinger is the program manager of Main Street Milton and the former director of the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board. She lives in Pensacola with her husband Billy.[1]

She joined the DIB in 1991 as an administrative assistant and became its director in 1998. During her tenure she oversaw a number of initiatives, including:

  • the controversial replacement of Palafox Street sidewalks between Garden and Government[2]
  • the Make A Day of It! promotion encouraging residents to visit downtown museums, shops and restaurants[3]
  • a new logo for downtown, designed by Ideawörks, featuring a shopping bag, saxophone and office building to represent the area's retail, entertainment and business sectors[4]

After six years leading the organization, she resigned unexpectedly just before a May 27, 2004 meeting.[5] She said of her resignation, "there comes a time when you recognize a direction that you may or may not agree with and realize it's just time to back off, take a deep breath and let some fresh air in. All good runs come to an end, and I've crossed the finish line. It's time to pass the torch and watch from the sidelines."[6]

She was named program manager of Main Street Milton on July 25, 2005.[1]

Preceded by:
Downtown Improvement Board Director
Succeeded by:
Franklin "Kim" Kimbrough


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