New World Landing

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New World Landing logo
Building Information
Location 600 South Palafox Street
Client Arden and Kay Anderson
Current Owner 600 South Palafox of Pensacola
Completion Date 1983
<googlemap lat="30.406618" lon="-87.213378" zoom="16" width="288" height="200">

30.406294, -87.213496, New World Landing </googlemap>

New World Landing is a complex located at 600 South Palafox Street that includes several meeting rooms and an inn. It was restored from a former box factory[1] in 1983 by Arden and Kay Anderson. In late 2006, 600 South of Pensacola, a partnership of Jim Homyak, Matt Balka and Julie Lawson, purchased the complex from then-owner Jim Bachus. They added a wine and martini bar, 600 South, in 2007 and a renovated courtyard for live music and events in 2008.[2]

Banquet Rooms[edit]

There are three main banquet rooms on the north side of the New World Landing complex (adjacent to the parking lot).

Spanish Room[edit]

The largest space in New World Landing, the Spanish Room is 4500 sq. ft. (45'x100') and can seat about 350. The Pensacola (Downtown) Rotary meets here every Tuesday.

British Room[edit]

The British Room, accessible from the parking lot on the north side, is 2750 sq. ft. (55' x 50') and can seat about 150.

America Room[edit]

The America Room is 2750 sq. ft. (55' x 50') and can seat about 150.

New World Hall[edit]

Each of the rooms in the New World Hall restaurant portion of New World Landing is named after a port city from the nations whose flags have flown over Pensacola.

Pensacola Room[edit]

Marseilles Room[edit]

Barcelona Room[edit]

Main article: 600 South

The Barcelona Room is located on the northwest portion of the complex with large floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the courtyard. Originally a restaurant in 1983, it was reopened in June 2007 as the 600 South wine and martini bar.

Liverpool Pub[edit]

New World Inn[edit]

The New World Inn at New World Landing is comprised of fourteen rooms and one suite, each of which named for a famous person from Pensacola's past. The inn manager is Barbara Ratzlaff.

101 Andrew & Rachel Jackson
102 Don Tristan de Luna
103 William Panton
104 William Dudley Chipley
105 William H. Chase
106 William Augustus Bowles
107 Mariana Bonifay
108 John Gardner & Clara Gardner Barkley
109 Elias & Rebecca Durnford
110 Bernardo de Gálvez
111 Governor George Johnson
112 Geronimo
113 Don Manuel Gonzalez
114 Don Vicente Sebastián Pintado
115 Charles Leonard LeBaron
116 Marcos Coulon de Villiers


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