Vicente Sebastián Pintado

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Vicente Sebastián Pintado
Born February 1774
Santa Cruz de la Palma,
Canary Islands
Died 1829
Havana, Cuba
Occupation Surveyor general, Spanish West Florida

Vicente Sebastián Pintado is best known as the surveyor general of Spanish West Florida, during which time he produced the Pintado plan.

Pintado served as an officer in the Spanish military. From 1794-1795, Pintado served under Carondelet in Spanish Lousiana, commanding a sloop on Lakes Ponchartrain and Borgne.[1]

From 1796-1805, he served as assistant surveyor of Spanish Louisiana. From 1803-1805 he also served as assistant surveyor of Spanish West Florida. In 1805 he became the surveyor general for Spanish West Florida, a position he held until 1817, at which time he transferred to Havana, Cuba.

The Library of Congress maintains the Vicente Sebastián Pintado Papers, a collection of 1,500 items including "correspondence, bills of sale, court transcripts, testimonies, surveys, notebooks, plats, land grants, maps, petitions, and other papers relating principally to Pintado's duties as alcalde, commandant, and surveyor general."[2]

Personal life[edit]

Pintado married Maria Teresa Eulalia Balderas in 1816.