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A 1915 edition of the Stone & Webster Public Service Journal gives the following account of conditions in Pensacola:[1]

On July 5 the Pensacola Carnival Association held a picnic at Palmetto Beach, which had the largest attendance of any event of this kind in the history of Pensacola. A Gun Club "shoot," aeroplane flights by naval aviators, baseball games, and fireworks at night were the attractions, and nearly five thousand people were present. The net receipts were nearly a thousand dollars. This money is to be used to defray the expenses of the next Mardi Gras. It is intended to repeat the picnic on Labor Day, but on a larger scale. The Phunmakers, an auxiliary association to the Carnival Association, are planning to give a series of street dances to obtain money for their comic parade at Mardi Gras time. Mallory Court, opposite the San Carlos, will be enclosed and a grandstand built over the sidewalks for spectators. The space thus enclosed will accommodate a thousand couples at one time. This will be an innovation in Pensacola, but it is believed that it will be a great success. The Carnival Association intends making the next Mardi Gras the best on record. Efforts are being made to build a tourist hotel at Palmetto Beach on our Bay Shore car line, and at the same time there is talk of one at Big Lagoon beyond Fort Barrancas on the gulf. At present these propositions are simply being discussed, but it is thought that one of them will materialize. The Naval Aviation School at the Navy Yard is being steadily increased in size and importance. Several additional student aviation officers have arrived in the past few weeks, and three new modern machines have been received. Bids have been called for the construction of a $90,000 dirigible shed to house the dirigibles now being constructed. Many improvements are being made at the Navy Yard, and in Warrington. Roads are being hardened and streets improved. From appearances, the Navy Yard will, in the near future, resume some of its old time activity.




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