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Dates in Pensapedia, both days and years, should be wiki-linked, e.g. 1915, or February 27, so that readers can use the related date pages to see other things of note which have happened on the same day or in the same year.

Items listed on day and year pages should be under the following headings: Births, Deaths, Events, and, for year pages, Images dated (year).

Births and Deaths[edit]

Obviously, persons born or deceased on a certain day or year should be listed under the Births or Deaths heading on the related day or year page. The following format should be observed:

*[[(day or year)]] – [[(Person)]]

Which will render something like:

In keeping with rules of notability, only persons of note, preferably with articles written on them, should be added to dates pages. You should not add yourself, friends, or relatives to dates pages, unless, as earlier stated, they are persons of note in Pensacola or Pensacola history.

It is preferred to add births and deaths to both the pertinent day and year page, if possible.


Notable events should be listed under the Events heading. If this section should get unwieldy, subheadings should be added and events further separated into categories such as Marriages, Openings, etc.

As stated before, standards of notability should be observed. You should not add events that do not have a wide current or historical significance.

Example of acceptable addition:

Example of an unacceptable addition:

  • June 22 – Big summer pool party @ Matt's house!

Images dated (year)[edit]

Images dated to a certain year can be added to the year page using <gallery> syntax, e.g.

Image:ANBB1912.jpg|The [[American National Bank Building]]