12th Avenue

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12th Avenue
South end: Bayfront Parkway
North end: College Boulevard

<googlemap lat="30.448082" lon="-87.20192" type="map" width="288" height="288">

  1. 758bc5

30.415834, -87.20031 30.416111, -87.200911 30.417943, -87.201319

  1. 758bc5

30.42009, -87.201855 30.449414, -87.208464 30.45722, -87.210181 30.458366, -87.210009 30.459291, -87.209537 30.464174, -87.205546 30.465469, -87.204001 30.46656, -87.202907 30.467596, -87.202435 30.471017, -87.20149 30.477342, -87.197628 </googlemap>

12th Avenue is a north-south route in Pensacola. North of Fairfield Drive, 12th Avenue is a major thoroughfare.

Currently, 12th Avenue's southern terminus is at East Bayfront Parkway in downtown Pensacola; from there, 12th Avenue runs north to East Gregory Street. 12th Avenue does not run betweeen Gregory and Belmont Streets. 12th Avenue recommences at Belmont and travels north, serving as a major artery through East Hill. At Fairfield Drive, 12th Avenue expands from two lanes to four and takes a northeasterly turn, following the course of historical Skinner's Mill Road toward Pensacola Regional Airport. 12th Avenue's northern terminus is just north of the airport at College Boulevard. North of that intersection the route is known as Tippin Avenue.

In 1902, the City of Pensacola designated 12th Avenue as Stoddart Avenue, in honour of Alexander Stoddart, but the name did not stick and eventually reverted to 12th Avenue.

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