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Overview of the Wellge map

The Wellge map is an aerial rendering of Pensacola created in 1885 by Henry Wellge. The extremely detailed lithograph is a bird's eye perspective of downtown Pensacola, then a bustling port city.

A legend, directory and numbered points of interest line the bottom, along with inset illustrations of three locations: the New Continental Hotel, the Navy Yards and the Merchants' Hotel.

The map was published by Norris, Wellge & Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wellge toured across the continent and created similar renderings for more than 150 cities.


Points of interest transcribed as written. See also the high-resolution version.



  • The map is not to scale and contains numerous spelling and consistency errors.
  • Belmont Street becomes 1st Street east of Hayne, north of which all the streets are numbered. (For example, Cervantes Street is shown as 5th Street.
  • Chase Street west of Reus is labeled Havanna Street.
  • Main Street is interrupted at Baylen Street; a smaller road continues westward and bridges a small inlet.