Hayne Street

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Hayne Street
South end: Wright Street
North end: 34th Street
Namesake: Arthur P. Hayne

Hayne Street is a north-south street generally serving as the border between the Eastside and Long Hollow neighborhoods.

Hayne Street is likely named for Arthur P. Hayne, who served under Wikipedia:Andrew Jackson during the latter's 1814 campaign to take Pensacola.

Hayne Street runs from Wright Street northerly to around East 34th Street. The most northern part of Hayne Street, between 34th Street and what was 36th Street, has been demolished for planned Interstate 110 ramps servicing the Davis Highway/Fairfield Drive intersection. Between Maxwell and Lee Streets, Hayne Street is divided into two one-way spans on either side of Interstate 110. North of Bobe Street, Hayne continues as a single two-way span until Anderson Street, at which point it is interrupted by the Interstate until just south of 34th Street. Hayne continues to run south of Lee Street to Wright as a one-way northbound span.

Notable buildings[edit]