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3#B200609D (#33007795) 30.421977, -87.213335 30.443032, -87.217412 30.443494, -87.214129 30.431062, -87.211661 30.431395, -87.209945 30.428564, -87.20943 30.42873, -87.2084 30.423087, -87.207112 30.42268, -87.209237 30.422014, -87.213314


Eastside is a residential neighborhood in Pensacola between the Long Hollow and East Hill neighborhoods. It is centered roughly around the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Davis Street corridor and bounded by Baars Street to the north, Cervantes Street to the south, Hayne Street to the west, and between 6th and 9th Avenues to the east.


Eastside is contained within the East King Tract, one of several land grants awarded to prominent citizens during Spanish rule. When Jim Crow laws were abolished in the 1940s, Eastside was settled by large numbers of African-Americans who were previously restricted to Pensacola's west side. It is the birthplace of Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr., the first African-American to become a four-star general in the United States armed forces.

Neighborhood Association[edit]

The Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Association was formed in 1999. One of its projects is a proposal to establish an African-American history trail.