Francis Celestino Brent

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Francis Celestino Brent
Born May 12, 1848
Died April 13, 1914
Occupation Banker, lumber baron
Religion Catholic
Spouse Mary Ella Shuttleworth
Parents Thomas W. and Mercedes Brent
Children Isabella Eugenia Brent
Catherine Mercedes Brent
Thomas William Brent (II)
Mary Ella Brent (II)
Celestine Angela Brent
Francis Celestino Brent Jr.
Daniel Carroll Brent
Cora Emily Brent
George Shuttleworth Brent
Genevieve Anna Brent
Robert Innnocent Brent
William Louis Brent
Frances Louise Brent

Francis Celestino Brent was a prominent citizen of Pensacola in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

F. C. Brent was born in Pensacola on May 12, 1848. When Brent was sixteen years of age the Civil War broke out. Brent's father Thomas served as a commander in the Union Navy but at the outset of the war resigned his commission, and was appointed to the same rank in the Confederate Navy, and served as such for the course of the war. Despite his young age, the junior Brent managed to enlist in the Confederate Army. After about a year of service, he was taken as a prisoner of war by the Union and incarcerated at Ship Island off the coast of Mississippi. After his sentence, Brent was paroled at Vicksburg in May of 1865 and made his way back to Pensacola.

On July 9, 1872, Brent married Mary Ella Shuttleworth. The two had twelve children.

In 1876, Brent together with L. P. Knowles, established the Knowles & Brent bank, which would later become F. C. Brent and Co.. In 1892, Brent purchased a controlling interest in the First National Bank and folded his organisation into it. Brent also owned the Brent Lumber Company and an interest in the Cedar Creek Mill in Brewton. Brent's business interests varied; in at least 1885 he was on the board of directors of the Citizens' Hotel Company.

Civic leadership[edit]

Brent served on the Board of Commissioners of the Government of the Provisional Municipality of Pensacola in at least 1885[1]


Francis Celestino Brent lends his name to the following:

  • The Brent Building, which was built for him
  • The community of Brent/Brentwood, which occupies the area of an 840-acre farm Brent owned
  • Brent Lane, which was once a two-lane dirt road heading to Brent's house on the aforementioned farm

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