Brent Lane

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Brent Lane
west end: Palafox Street
Interstate 110
Davis Highway
east end: Springhill Drive

<googlemap lat="30.472201" lon="-87.22887" zoom="13" width="288" height="250" type="map">

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30.466726, -87.242346 30.47331, -87.225437 30.474975, -87.221274 30.475382, -87.219601 30.475345, -87.218785 </googlemap>

Brent Lane is an east-west thoroughfare in Pensacola. The street, like the community of Brent, is named for F. C. Brent, a banker and community leader in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Brent Lane runs from Palafox Street eastward to Springhill Drive. West of Palafox, the thoroughfare is known as Beverly Parkway. East of Springhill Drive, Brent is known as Bayou Boulevard. Brent Lane for its entirety carries Florida State Road 296.