Charles Fairchild

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Charles Fairchild
Occupation Retired accountant
Spouse Janice Fairchild

Charles Fairchild is a former partner in the CPA firm Fairchild & Baniakas (now Baniakas & Associates) and community activist most noted for opposing two different plans to develop the City-owned Trillium property: the Festival Park, which his groups Citizens Against Trillium and the 8574 Citizens Alliance successfully defeated in 2003, and the Community Maritime Park, which was approved in a 2006 special referendum despite the efforts of his group Save Our City.

He is married to Janice Fairchild.

Education & career[edit]

Fairchild was enlisted in the United States Air Force from 1958-62. After his service he earned an Associate of Arts degree from Pensacola Junior College in 1964, then attended Florida State University, graduating with a Bachelor's of Science degree in 1966. He returned to Pensacola in 1967 and set up his first office in the San Carlos Hotel. He received an MBA from the University of West Florida in 1969. He has serviced as an adjunct accounting instructor at both PJC and UWF.

Fairchild sold his interest in the Fairchild & Baniakas firm to partner Regina Baniakas in late 2007.[1] In addition to his CPA work, Fairchild has been a part owner and investor in Pensacola Tornados basketball team, the Kooter Browns and Belzora's Beanery restaurants, Uncle Sam's Pool Hall, and various other service and software development companies.

Community & professional involvement[edit]

Fairchild has served on the boards and/or committees of the following groups:

He also organizes the wrapping of Palafox Place tree trunks with holiday lights from 2000-2003. He was co-chair of Citizens Against Trillium and chairman of the 8574 Citizens Alliance (during the Festival Park debate) and chairman of Save Our City (leading up to the Community Maritime Park referendum).

In 2004 he made an unsuccessful bid for Pensacola City Council, running for the district 6 seat vacated by Hugh King, but was defeated in a runoff by Jewel Cannada-Wynn.[2]

Electoral history[edit]

Pensacola City Council, 2004[edit]

This election was held November 2, 2004. Pensacola City Council races are non-partisan.

Jewel Cannada-Wynn 1,277 41.97%
Charles Fairchild 1,002 32.93%
Tracy Richardson 491 16.14%
Tommy White 273 8.97%


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