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Population of Pensacola in 1907 was approximately 27,000 per the 1907 Sanborn Fire Maps [1].

A 1907 edition of the Stone & Webster Public Service Journal gives the following account of conditions in Pensacola:[1]

By the last census she shows a population of 32,000; with her four banks, twenty schools, more than thirty churches, with a new sewer system being installed, a new City Hall being built, and a large amount of paving laid out, she offers remarkable advantages to all who are looking for a good home and a good business location. The Blount Building, a magnificent seven-story concrete office structure, has just been finished; the First National Bank building, a pure white marble edifice of one story, is hastening along to completion, and the Osceola Club's new home, an exquisite structure of pressed brick and Georgia marble, is in process of erection. In fact, throughout the city, on about every street, buildings of almost every class, but chiefly of substantial character, are being erected.



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