The Floridian

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The Floridian
First issue of The Floridian
Type of publication Broadsheet
Publisher Nicholas & Tunstall
John Fitzgerald and Co.
First Issue 1821
Final Issue: 1823

The Floridian was the first newspaper in Northwest Florida. Initially published by Nicholas & Tunstall, the first issue ran on August 18, 1821, with an account of Florida's transfer to the United States. The second page contained Andrew Jackson's proclamation to territory residents and a letter to troops. The paper was bilingual, with an English version in the left-hand column and a Spanish version on the right.

Publication stopped in 1822 due to financial issues. The paper was picked up by John Fitzgerald and Co., commencing publishing on March 8, 1823; however, the venture did not last, and the final issue was published December 20 of the same year.