Nathan Burrell Cook

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Nathan Burrell Cook
Born July 20, 1835
Lowndes County, Alabama
Died May 15, 1917
Spouse Sallie Johnson
Parents John Pope Cook & Charlotte Kirk Massey Cook
Children Henry B. Cook, Martha McCall Cook Cole, Florida Cook Shepard

Nathan Burrell Cook (1835-1917) was born to John Pope and Charlotte Kirk Massey Cook on July 20, 1835, in Lowndes County, Alabama. He married Sallie Johnson, a young orphan, in 1857, and they had three children. In May 1862, he joined the Alabama Infantry of the Confederate Forces, but was later transferred to the Army's Medical Department for his pharmaceutical training. While he was at war, all three of his children died of disease. He and Sallie moved to Pensacola during Reconstruction and settled at the corner of De Villiers and Gregory Streets.

In 1885, Cook, who had no prior experience as an educator, was appointed Superintendent of Schools. He served for 28 years.

N. B. Cook Elementary School of the Arts is named in his honour.

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Electoral history[edit]

Escambia County Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1908[edit]

This election was held on May 19, 1908.

DEM N. B. Cook 1,490 47%
DEM Clifford J. Bell 950 30%
DEM Clyde E. Wilson 735 23%