January 22

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  • 1782 – At the urging of Don Gilberto Antonio de St. Maxent, and hoping to undercut the British and American smuggling trade, Spain relaxes trade restrictions at Pensacola and other colonies, granting a 10-year license to trade with French ports.[1]
  • 1862Civil War: Confederate General Samuel Jones is appointed to command the Department of which Pensacola was headquarters.[2]
  • 1977 - Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman defeats Pedro Agosto at the municipal auditorium.
  • 1983 - Rock bands Steel Breeze and Excalibur perform at The Barrels night club on Navy Blvd.
  • 1985 - Country music band Alabama performs at the civic center.
  • 1999 – Attorney Fred Levin is named an honorary chief of Ghana for his representation of Ghanaian boxer Ike Quartey.
  • 1994 - Rock band RUSH performs at the civic center.
  • 2004 – The Pensacola City Council votes to demolish Bayfront Auditorium, with tentative plans to build a new municipal auditorium as part of the Festival Park project on the Trillium property.


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