Frederick W. Marsh

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Frederick W. Marsh
Born 1874
Spouse Edith Bartlett Marsh
Parents Charles F. & Louise M. Marsh
Children Rowena Busbey and Raymond B. Marsh

Frederick W. Marsh (1874-?) was a longtime clerk of the U.S. District Court in Pensacola, having been appointed on May 28, 1895.[1] He also had a private law practice (which did not accept cases in federal court), sat on the board of the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce for many years (including a stint as director), and was secretary of the Joint Good Roads Committee that made possible a $2 million bond to improve Escambia County highways.

Born in Iowa, Marsh came to the Pensacola area in 1894 after receiving his LL.B. degree from the University of Michigan. He had also attended the Iowa Weselyan College and the University of Florida. He was a Republican at a time when Democrats dominated local politics; was one of the organizers of the Pensacola Country Club (though later left the club); and was president of the University Club of Pensacola and the Kiwanis Club.