Charles Mifflin

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Charles Mifflin
Occupation Escambia County Sheriff

Charles Mifflin was the Escambia County Sheriff and Tax Collector in 1827.

There are few surviving references to Mifflin. An October 15, 1821 newspaper article cites Mifflin selling his "interest in the saw mill on the Perdido, called Mifflin's Mill." He is listed as the governor-appointed sheriff in another article on February 9, 1827. Mifflin is listed as Tax Collector in August, 1827.

A September 21, 1827 petition recommended Mifflin as a U.S. Marshall for West Florida, but this position went instead to Henry Wilson, who also replaced Mifflin as sheriff on April 18, 1828.


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Preceded by:
William Davison
Escambia County Sheriff
Succeeded by:
Henry Wilson