Michelle MacNeil

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Michelle Reeves MacNeil
Born November 7, 1959
Occupation Architect
Spouse J. P. MacNeil
Parents Jim Reeves

Michelle Reeves MacNeil is a Pensacola architect and civic leader. She and her husband, J.P. MacNeil, are principals in the firm Architectural Affairs and were instrumental in the development of the Aragon neighborhood. They have bought several properties from the City of Pensacola for renovation/development, including the dilapidated Rex Theatre and Water Works buildings, the latter of which they converted into both their home and office.[1]

MacNeil is active in the Long Hollow Neighborhood Association and was chairperson of the Front Porch Pensacola council before resigning over community liason Thelma Manley's alleged misappropriation of funds. MacNeil, who was accused of racism by some African-American members of the council, said in her resignation letter, "I have made every effort to rectify the many internal fiscal and operational problems within the organization, but I have found … resistance and hostility by some of those within the organization."[2]

MacNeil is the daughter of developer Jim Reeves.