Cervantes Street

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Cervantes Street
west end: Ross Avenue (W Street)
Pace Boulevard
Palafox Street
Interstate 110
Ninth Avenue
17th Avenue
Perry Avenue
east end: Chipley Avenue

<googlemap lat="30.421144" lon="-87.213593" type="map" width="288" height="288">

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30.425271, -87.179024 30.425122, -87.17941 30.42503, -87.180054 30.425122, -87.181299 30.425604, -87.186813 30.425752, -87.1872 30.425992, -87.189624 30.425918, -87.190611 30.425789, -87.191384 30.423124, -87.207134 30.422014, -87.213356 30.420016, -87.225201 30.419997, -87.225673 30.420682, -87.241273 30.421033, -87.249084 30.421274, -87.250296 </googlemap>

Cervantes Street is an east-west stretch of Highway 90 that runs through south Pensacola. It is named for Miguel de Cervantes.

At W Street Highway 90 is diverted westward as Mobile Highway, while Cervantes itself continues for several blocks until its terminus at Ross Avenue.

Cervantes Street is the northern boundary of the Community Redevelopment Agency's "Urban Core" district. The street crosses over the Long Hollow neighborhood and the CSX Railroad tracks at the viaduct between Palafox and Hayne Streets, and over Bayou Texar at the Dr. Philip A. Payne Bridge.

Cervantes becomes Scenic Highway at its eastern terminus at Chipley Avenue in East Pensacola Heights.

Before streets north of Wright/east of 8th Avenue were named, that part of Cervantes was 5th Street.