Wright Street

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Wright Street
West end: North V Street
Palafox Street
Tarragona Street
Alcaniz Street
East end: 17th Avenue

<googlemap lat="30.420404" lon="-87.219257" width="288" height="250" type="map">

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30.41613, -87.249373 30.415778, -87.243848 30.415316, -87.232647 30.414982, -87.225909 30.416629, -87.216232 30.418017, -87.209001 30.418609, -87.20531

  1. 758bc5

30.42033, -87.195761 30.420515, -87.194259 30.420737, -87.194109 </googlemap>

Wright Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola. Its western terminus is at North V Street. Tts eastern terminus is usually considered to be at Ninth Avenue, although there is a short one-block span adjoining 17th Avenue that is signed Wright Street although it no longer connects to the main span.

Wright Street is named for Benjamin Drake Wright.

Prior to the renaming of streets in 1906, Wright Street in the western part of the City was called Simpson Street.

Notable places on Wright Street[edit]