Baylen Street

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Baylen Street
North end: West Leonard Street
Cervantes Street
Garden Street
Government Street
South end: West Cedar Street

<googlemap lat="30.422773" lon="-87.219257" type="map" zoom="13" width="288" height="275">

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30.438333, -87.222712 30.434318, -87.221854 30.424789, -87.219622 30.41996, -87.218549 30.406562, -87.215459 </googlemap>

Baylen Street is a north-south street in downtown Pensacola and North Hill. Baylen's northern terminus is at West Leonard Street; from there it runs southerly uninterrupted to its southern terminus at West Cedar Street on Pensacola Bay. From Garden Street north to Cervantes Street, Baylen runs one-way northbound.

Baylen Street is named for the town of Baylen (Bailén) in Spain.

British Pensacola[edit]

In British Pensacola, what is now Baylen Street was called Cumberland Street, for Prince William, Duke of Cumberland.[1]


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