William Willenzik

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William Willenzik
Died 1973
Pensacola, Florida
Occupation Restaurant supply entrepreneur
Religion Jewish
Spouse Helen Willenzik
Children Dora Brook
Oscar S. Willenzik
Julius Willenzik
Norman Willenzik

William Willenzik (?-1973) was a Pensacola businessman who owned Pensacola Restaurant Supply, or Penko, located in the Lewis Bear and Willko Buildings on Palafox Place at Main.

Willenzik was born in Lithuania. He eventually immigrated to Canada, then Tampa, Florida, and then finally settled down in Pensacola. He and his son, Oscar, launched the Pensacola Restaurant Supply Company on April 1, 1946, and quickly expanded their business from 1,600 square feet to 36,500 square feet.[1] Ownership expanded additionally to William's other son, Norman, by 1952. Company employees eventually included Willenzik's daughters-in-law, Carla, Norman's wife, who was Oscar's secretary among other jobs at the store, and Ethel, Oscar's wife, who was the bookkeeper.

Willenzik died in 1973.

Willenzik was a member of B'nai Israel Synagogue.

His last surviving child, Julius Willenzik, passed away in 2013.


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