Wilds Leroy Wittich

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Wilds Leroy Wittich
Born January 16, 1847
Madison, Georgia
Died 1913
Occupation Grocer, lumber exporter
Religion Methodist
Spouse Mary Roberts
Parents Ernest L.
Children Mary, Ben, Elizabeth, W. L. Wittich, Jr.

Wilds Leroy Wittich was a grocer and lumber exporter.

Military service[edit]

At the outset of the Civil War, Wittich was studying at the Georgia Military Institute. He joined Cobb's Legion and served until being wounded in Virginia. After recovering, he joined Company E of the 56th Alabama Regiment in the fall of 1863.


After the war, Wittich settled in Greenville, Alabama, where he worked as a clerk. In 1868 he married Mary Roberts, the daughter of his employer. The same year Wittich moved to Pensacola where he opened a wholesale grocery operation. In 1876 he entered the lumber export business.