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Hi! Welcome to Pensapedia. Thank you for your contributions about women's football. However, you did add two articles, Pensacola Women's Football and Ella Williams that lacked substantial content and have been deleted. Both of these articles contained only the words "See: Gulf Coast Riptide websites:," ... We encourage you to recreate these articles with specific content. If you have any questions, see Pensapedia:Policies and guidelines or feel free to ask me on my talk page! Thanks again for your contributions! — dscossontalk  10:36, 9 July 2009 (CDT)


Hi, and thanks for the great contributions you've been making! However, I notice you've been making a lot of things bold when maybe you meant to use a wikilink, like this. We mainly use bold text just in the first sentence or two of an article, to identify the name of the article as well as any aliases or anything else that may redirect to that article. For example:

The Gulf Coast Riptide, formerly the Pensacola Power, is a women's full contact football team in the Women's Football Alliance (WFA) founded in 2001.

Then, instead of an article at Pensacola Power, we would set up a redirect page like this:

#redirect [[Gulf Coast Riptide]]

That way anyone who typed "Pensacola Power" into the search box would be redirected to the Riptide article, since the one was reorganized as the other. Likewise for Riptide; we can just set up a redirect to the main article.

Names of people who should have their own Pensapedia article, like coaches or prominent players, should be wikilinks instead of bold, so that readers will see the red link and be prompted to start that article. And even if a name is mentioned many times, we usually just do one wikilink per subject per article or section and leave the subsequent mentions in plain text.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions, and thanks again! — admin • talk  09:07, 17 July 2009 (CDT)