Todd Currie

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Todd Currie
Died August 20, 2003

Todd E. Currie was a Washington High School senior who died on August 20, 2003 when he was thrown from a vehicle driven by Patrick Nobles. He was 17 years old.

Nobles, 18 at the time, had a blood-alcohol level of .156 and had been smoking marijuana.[1] He was convicted of DUI-manslaughter, but thanks to the recommendations made by Todd's parents, Melinda and Chris Currie, he was ordered to serve two years house arrest and 13 additional years of probation in lieu of prison. However, in 2007 he was found guilty of violating the terms of his probation by consuming alcohol and providing alcohol to minors.

Shortly after his death, many of Todd's classmates spray-painted memorials to him on the 17th Avenue railroad trestle.[2] His parents accepted donations to be used in his honor by the Washington High School art department, which dedicated a mahogany and cypress display cabinet to Todd on April 5, 2004.


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