Tippin Avenue

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Tippin Avenue
North end: Johnson Avenue
Olive Road
Creighton Road
9th Avenue
South end: College Boulevard

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.497201" lon="-87.196941" zoom="13" width="288" height="340"> 6#B2D7555B 30.517128, -87.193856 30.51537, -87.193883 30.51426, -87.194033 30.512782, -87.194054 30.511751, -87.195547 30.509847, -87.19559 30.509865, -87.196083 30.504462, -87.196307 30.503298, -87.19635 6#B2D7555B 30.501985, -87.196372 30.500617, -87.196436 30.495255, -87.196608 30.488617, -87.196844 30.478687, -87.197144 30.478058, -87.197251 30.477411, -87.197573 </googlemap>

Tippin Avenue is a north-south avenue in Pensacola. For much of its length, it is a residential corridor, but its most southerly portion serves as an important thoroughfare, linking Creighton Road to 9th Avenue, and 9th Avenue to College Boulevard and the Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport. South of College Boulevard, the thoroughfare continues as 12th Avenue.

From its northern terminus at East Johnson Avenue, Tippin travels southerly through residential areas, intersecting Olive Road before being interrupted by Interstate 10. Resuming on the south side of the Interstate, Tippin continues south to Creighton Road. From Creighton south to 9th Avenue, Tippin is still residential in character, but serves as an important through street connecting the two major thoroughfares. South of 9th, Tippin expands to four lanes until its terminus at College Boulevard.