Source:DeLuna Street ordinance, 1906

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This ordinance created DeLuna Street, presently known as DeLuna Alley.



Be it ordained by the Board of Aldermen and the Mayor of the City of Pensacola:

SECTION 1. That the thoroughfare between Government Street on the South and Intendencia Street on the North, running through lots Two Hundred and Seventy Two (272) and Two Hundred and Eighty Seven (287) in Block Sixteen (16), Old City, of a width of Fifteen and one-half (15 1-2) to Sixteen and one-half (16 1-2) feet, now known as Cushman's Alley or Reache Street, is hereby declared to be a public street known as DeLuna Street, and the City hereby assumes full control of and obligations for the maintenance and use of the same as a street.

SECTION 2. That in consideration of the assent of the persons now owning the soil of the said alley, that it should become a street, and of their promise to immediately pave the same either with vitrified brick, or concrete base with a hard finish, with a slant to the center where there will be a gutter One and one-half (1 1-2) inches deep, Ten (10) inches wide at the bottom and Fourteen (14) inches wides at the top, the City agrees that the said street shall always remain a street of from Fifteen and one-half (15 1-2) to Sixteen and one-half (16 1-2) feet wide; that the City shall maintain the said pavement or one equally desirable; that it will never construct nor permit to be constructed, sidewalks, in said street, and that it will never permit to be constructed thereupon a steam or street car line, or telegraph or telephone or any other wire bearing poles.

SECTION 3. That no vehicle shall enter said street, except from the North end thereof, or pass out of said street, except at the South end thereof.

SECTION 4. Any violation of the prohibitions contained in the foregoing sections shall be unlawful, and any person violating them shall, upon conviction in the Municipal Court, be fined by a fine not exceeding Fifty Dollars, or be imprisoned for not exceeding ten days.

SECTION 5. That this ordinance shall take effect immediately after its passage and approval.

C. E. Merritt,

Passed: March 14, 1906.
Approved: March 15, 1906.
Chas. H. Bliss,
Mayor of Pensacola.