Intendencia Street

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Intendencia Street
Former names: Granby Street
Harcourt Street
Calle de la Intendencia
west end: Pace Boulevard
east end: Cevallos Street

Intendencia Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola. Its western terminus is at South Pace Boulevard; from there it travels easterly uninterrupted to F Street, where it is interrupted for one block. Intendencia picks back up at E Street and runs uninterrupted to its eastern terminus in at Cevallos Street in the Seville residential district.

From Baylen Street west to de Villiers Street, Intendencia is one-way westbound.

The street is present on the 1812 Pintado plan, where it is labelled Calle de la Intendencia.

According to the 1907 Sanborn Fire Maps, at that time, Intendencia extended past its current eastern terminus at Cevallos at met 10th Avenue at Pensacola Bay, just north of the W. B. Wright Co.'s Santa Rosa Mills.

British Pensacola[edit]

In British Pensacola, what is now Intendencia Street was called Granby Street west of George Street (Palafox) and Harcourt Street to the west.[1]

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