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Sales tax in Escambia County, Florida is currently 7.5%.

The State of Florida has a 6% base sales tax, which is directed primarily to the state's budget. (Property taxes are the primary funding source for local government.) Escambia County currently levies an additional 1.5% in local option sales tax, all of which has been approved by ballot referendum. 1.0% of the local option sales tax revenue is split between Escambia County and the City of Pensacola; the revenue from the remaining 0.5% goes to the Escambia County School District.


A ballot referendum on June 26, 2007 that, if approved, would have increased Escambia County's sales tax by one half-cent, failed. If approved, the increase would have raised the sales tax rate in Escambia County to 8%, which would have been the highest sales tax rate in Florida.