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Pensacola Journal
July 1908 issue of the Journal
Type of publication Broadsheet
Editor Frank L. Mayes
Publisher William Marion Loftin
Frank L. Mayes
John Holliday Perry (1922-1985)
Frequency Daily
First Issue 1897
Headquarters 108-110 East Government Street
15 East Intendencia Street

The Pensacola Journal was a morning newspaper founded in 1897 by William Marion Loftin. The Journal is one of two precursors to the modern Pensacola News Journal.

Early years[edit]

The new paper was founded as a weekly, with Loftin as editor.[1] In 1898 it became a daily, but foundered until Frank L. Mayes took over as editor in 1899. In 1904, the Journal became a member of the Associated Press. In 1906, the Journal constructed an occupied a new plant and office at 15 East Intendencia Street.

The Journal was purchased in 1922 by John Holliday Perry, who also purchased the competing Pensacola Daily News in 1924 and merged the two operations into what is now the Pensacola News Journal. Morning editions continue to bear the Pensacola Journal name until 1985.

According to an 1899 Bliss Magazine "Guide to Pensacola":

There are few homes which is does not enter and business men are consequently finding it an invaluable advertising medium, and those wishing a fine talking bird can depend upon a selection by this gentleman and at a reasonable price.[2]

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