Pensacola City Hall

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Pensacola City Hall
Pensacola City Hall
Building Information
Location 180 Governmental Center
(222 West Main Street)
Client City of Pensacola
Current Owner City of Pensacola
Style International
Size seven stories

Pensacola City Hall is located at 222 West Main Street and houses the majority of the offices for the City of Pensacola. Although the building's address places it on Main Street, the parking lot and main entrance are on Reus Street and Spring Street. Only recently have all of the city departments that were intended to move back into City Hall finally moved back in. The building was afflicted with heavy damage by Hurricane Ivan and had to undergo an extensive remodeling process. Now that City Hall is back in working order, all of the official public meetings of the City's governing bodies are held in City Hall. Committee meetings are held in the Hagler/Mason conference room on the second floor, along with Community Maritime Park Associates meetings. Architectural Review Board meetings are held in the new Vince Whibbs conference room located on the first floor. Pensacola City Council meetings are held in Council Chambers on the first floor.

Offices and Facilities located at city hall and their corresponding floors[edit]

Council Members
Floor Occupants
1st Vince Whibbs Conference Room, Council Chambers, Mail Room. Energy Services Pensacola entrance on Reus Street.
2nd Council President, Hagler/Mason Conference Room, handicap accessible bathrooms, employee lounge, and kitchen.
3rd MIS Offices, Computer Training and equipment storage.
4th Employee Services, Civil Service and Parks & Recreation Department.
5th Engineering Department, Community Development, Inspections and Community Redevelopment Agency.
6th Finance Department, Risk Mgt, Purchasing and Management of Information Services (MIS),
7th -