National Naval Aviation Museum

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National Naval Aviation Museum
National Naval Aviation Museum logo
Location 1750 Radford Boulevard
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Operated by U.S. Navy
Naval Aviation Museum Foundation
Director Captain Robert L. Rasmussen
Opened 1962
Cost of Admission Free
Hours of Operation Daily, 9AM to 5PM
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30.348839, -87.303773, National Naval Aviation Museum </googlemap>

The National Naval Aviation Museum (formerly called the National Museum of Naval Aviation) is located at 1750 Radford Boulevard, on the grounds of Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Opened in 1962, the 300,000 square foot museum houses more than 4,000 artifacts and 150 aircraft representing Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard aviation. These include four former Blue Angel A-4 Skyhawks, a United States Coast Guard helicopter, biplanes, a K47 Airship control gondola and tail fin, the plane that President George H. W. Bush trained in, and the S-3 Viking used to transport President George W. Bush to the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003.

The Museum also features the IMAX Naval Aviation Memorial Theatre, a Motion-Based Simulator, the Top Gun Air Combat Simulaor Center, the Flight Deck Store and the authentic Cubi Bar Cafe. Free tours of the Museum and the Flight Line are also available.

The Museum is open daily from 9:00AM to 5:00PM every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Parking and admission to the Museum are free, though donations are welcome. Some exhibits inside the Museum, such as the IMAX Theatre and flight simulators, charge separate admission.

Features & exhibits[edit]

IMAX Naval Aviation Memorial Theatre[edit]

Hourly showings from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Flight Deck Store[edit]

Open 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cubi Bar Café[edit]

Open from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Flight simulators[edit]

  • Motion-Based Simulator: 15-seat simulator that offers virtual reality missions, including a Blue Angels flight.
  • MaxFlight Simulators: 2D or 3D ride, 2 passengers are completely in control, with the ability to switch controls back and forth between the two during the duration of the ride.

Art gallery[edit]

Collection of Naval Aviation artwork.

Emil Buehler Naval Aviation Library[edit]

Open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Collection includes over 8,000 books and manuals and 400,000 declassified Navy photos for researchers.

Other exhibits[edit]

  • Recreation of Hoa Lo P.O.W. camp
  • Sunken Treasure - recreation of WWII fighters at the bottom of Lake Michigan
  • Home Front USA - World War II-era small town memorabilia
  • Naval Aviation in Space - Apollo command module, Skylab 2
  • Lighter Than Air - dirigible exhibit
  • Cockpit trainers

Collection of aircraft[edit]

The expansive collection of aircraft on display at the museum include the following:

  • A-1 Triad
  • A-1 (AD) Skyraider
  • A-3 (A3D) Skywarrior
  • A-4 (A4D) Skyhawk (5)
  • AF Guardian
  • AH-1 Sea Cobra
  • AJ Savage
  • AM Mauler
  • A6M Zero
  • A-6 Intruder
  • A-7 Corsair II
  • AV-8 Harrier
  • BFC Goshawk
  • C-1 (TF) Trader
  • C-9 Skytrain II
  • C-45 (SNB/JRB) Navigator
  • C-47 Skytrain
  • C-117 (R4D-8) Skytrain
  • C-118 Liftmaster
  • C-131 Samaritan
  • C-130 Hercules (2)
  • CH-37 Mojave
  • CH-46 Sea Knight
  • CH-53 Sea Stallion
  • D-558-1 Skystreak
  • E-1 (WF) Tracer
  • EC-121 (WV) Warning Star
  • F.1 Camel
  • Fokker D.VII
  • F4B
  • F6C Hawk
  • F7C Seahawk
  • F3D Skyknight
  • F4D (F-6) Skyray
  • FF
  • F3F
  • F4F Wildcat (3)
  • F6F Hellcat (2)
  • F7F Tigercat
  • F8F Bearcat
  • F9F-2 Panther
  • F9F-6 Cougar
  • F9F-8 Cougar
  • F11F Tiger
  • FG Corsair
  • FH Phantom
  • F2H Banshee
  • F2H-2P Photo Banshee
  • F3H Demon
  • F-4 (F4H) Phantom II
  • FJ-2 Fury
  • FJ-4 Fury
  • FM-2 Wildcat (2)
  • F4U Corsair
  • F7U Cutlass
  • F-8 (F8U) Crusader
  • F-14 Tomcat (3)
  • F-16N Viper
  • F/A-18 Hornet
  • GB Traveller
  • Hanriot HD-1
  • HH-1K
  • HNS Hoverfly
  • HO3S
  • HO4S (H-19)
  • HO5S
  • HTE
  • HTL (TH-13) Sioux
  • HUP (UH-25) Retriever
  • HU-16 Albatross
  • H-2 Seasprite
  • H-3 Sea King
  • H-34 (HSS/HUS) Seabat/Seahorse
  • HH-52 Sea Guard
  • JD Invader
  • JN-4D Jenny
  • J2F Duck
  • J4F Widgeon
  • JRC
  • JRF Goose
  • K-47 Airship Control Car
  • LNS
  • L-8 Airship Control Car
  • MF Boat
  • MiG-15 Fagot
  • N1K2-J Shiden Kai (GEORGE)
  • NC-4
  • N2C Fledgling
  • N3N-3 (2)
  • NR Recruit
  • N2S Kaydet
  • NT-1
  • N2T Tutor
  • N2Y
  • Nieuport 28
  • OS2U Kingfisher
  • O-1 Bird Dog
  • PBJ Mitchell
  • PBY Catalina (3)
  • PB2Y Coronado
  • PB4Y-2 Privateer
  • P5M-2 (SP-5B) Marlin
  • PS-2
  • PV-2 Harpoon
  • P2V-1 Neptune (Truculent Turtle)
  • P2V-7 (SP-2H) Neptune
  • P-3 Orion
  • P-40 Tomahawk
  • RA-5C Vigilante
  • R5C (C-46) Commando
  • RF-4B Phantom II
  • RR-5 Tri-Motor
  • SB2A Buccaneer
  • SBD Dauntless (3)
  • SB2U Vindicator
  • SNC Falcon
  • SNJ Texan
  • SNV Valiant
  • S-2 (S2F) Tracker
  • S-3 Viking
  • S-4C Scout
  • Skylab Command Module
  • TBM Avenger
  • TC-4 Academe
  • TDR
  • TH-57 Sea Ranger
  • TV-2 (T-33) Shooting Star
  • T-2 Buckeye
  • T-28 Trojan
  • T-34 Mentor
  • T-39 Sabreliner
  • U-1 (NU-1B) Otter
  • VH-3 Sea King (Marine One)
  • ZPG-2 Control Car (Snow Bird)

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