Lois Benson

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Lois Benson
Occupation Politician
Spouse Dr. Scott Benson
Parents Louise Holden
Children Holly Benson & Megan Pratt

Lois Holden Benson is the current Emerald Coast Utilities Authority board member for District 2 and a former member of the Pensacola City Council and Florida House of Representatives. She is the mother of politicians Holly Benson and Megan Benson Pratt.

Benson was initially appointed to the ECUA seat by Governor Jeb Bush on November 23, 2004, following the October 31 resignation of George Watson.[1]

She has also run for the Florida State Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the mayoralty of Pensacola, the latter of which she lost in 2001 to John Fogg. A priority of her campaign platform at the time was to relocate the Main Street Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Benson previously served on Pensacola City Council as the representative for District 1, from 1988 to 1990; she resigned to seek state office.

In her 1994 bid to replace retiring Congressman Earl Hutto, she faced four other Republicans in the primary and received a plurality (31.4%) of votes. In the resulting runoff, however, her pro-choice views contributed to her defeat (46%-54%) by pro-life newcomer Joe Scarborough, who went on to defeat Democrat Vince Whibbs, Jr. in the general election.[2]


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Preceded by:
John Kadlec
Pensacola City Council
District 1

Succeeded by:
Owen Eubanks