Green Street

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Green Street
South end: Frontera Circle/Bayou Chico
Jackson Street
Mobile Highway
North end: Avery Street

<googlemap lat="30.424697" lon="-87.256508" zoom="14" width="288" height="250">

  1. 758BC5

30.417342, -87.258879 30.41786, -87.258943 30.419479, -87.259469 30.419794, -87.25948 30.423503, -87.260638 30.423781, -87.260724 30.429693, -87.262473 30.430063, -87.262344 30.43108, -87.261786 </googlemap>

Green Street is a north-south street in the Brownsville neighbourhood. Curiously, although its entire length is north of the north-south delineator of Garden Street/Navy Boulevard, addresses on Green Street contain the directional prefix "North".

Green Street's southern terminus is at Frontera Circle near Bayou Chico. From that point Green Street travels north-northwest uninterrupted until it terminates at West Avery Street.