Jackson Street

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Jackson Street
West end: Fairfield Drive
65th Avenue
57th Avenue
New Warrington Road
Old Corry Field Road
W Street
Pace Boulevard
East end: East of Chipley Avenue at Pensacola Bay
Namesake: Andrew Jackson

Jackson Street is an east-west street in Pensacola, traversing many of Pensacola's neighborhoods, including Myrtle Grove, Warrington, Brownsville, Old East Hill, and East Pensacola Heights.

Jackson Street begins on the west at Fairfield Drive and travels easterly uninterrupted to Palafox Street. Jackson is uninterrupted for one block from Palafox east to Guillemard Street by the facilities of First Baptist Church. From Guillemard, Jackson Street travels easterly uninterrupted to 20th Avenue at Bayou Texar. Jackson Street resumes on the east side of Bayou Texar, travelling from Stanley Avenue easterly to its terminus east of Chipley Avenue at Pensacola Bay.

Jackson Street is named for Andrew Jackson.