Gonzalez Street

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Gonzalez Street
West end: Green Street
East end: Scenic Highway
Namesake: Don Manuel Gonzalez

Gonzalez Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola. Primarily a residential street, Gonzalez traverses East Hill and continues into West Pensacola. Gonzalez Street is named in honour of Don Manuel Gonzalez. Before streets north of Wright/east of 8th Avenue were named, that part of Gonzalez Street was 8th Street.

Gonzalez's current western terminus is at Green Street in West Pensacola; from there it travels easterly uninterrupted to Bayou Texar, just east of 19th Avenue. Gonzalez Street picks up on the east side of Bayou Texar ay Bayou Boulevard and travels easterly uninterrupted to its terminus at Scenic Highway.