Gadsden Street

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Gadsden Street
Former names: 4th Street
West end: Fairfield Drive
East end: East of Chipley Avenue at Pensacola Bay
Namesake: James Gadsden

Gadsden Street is an east-west street in south Pensacola, named for James Gadsden. Primarily a residential street, Gadsden traverses the Old East Hill and East Hill districts, and continues into West Pensacola. Gadsden also extends into East Pensacola Heights east of Bayou Texar. Gadsden Street is named in honour of James Gadsden. Before streets north of Wright/east of 8th Avenue were named, that part of Gadsden Street was 4th Street.

Gadsden's current western terminus is at Fairfield Drive beyond the city limits. From there, the street runs easterly a short distance to 77th Avenue. After an interruption of about 2.6 miles, Gadsden Street resumes with two small segments, one running a short distance west of Arlington Drive and the other intersecting only with Foye Street; The main span of the Gadsden Street begins at Lynch Street, traveling easterly — with interruptions between Kirk and Grandview Streets and Tarragona and Hayne Streets (for Interstate 110) — to Bayou Texar. Gadsden picks up again on the east bank of Bayou Texar and travels easterly five blocks to its eastern terminus, southeast of Chipley Avenue, at Pensacola Bay.

The original bridge spanning Bayou Texar was aligned with Gadsden Street, whereas the current bridge carries Cervantes Street.