Evelyn Croom Maxwell

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Evelyn Croom Maxwell
Born July 27, 1863
Evergreen, Alabama
Died November 17, 1954[1]
Washington, DC
Occupation Attorney, politician, judges
Spouse Wilhelmina Thornton
Parents Augustus E. and Julia Maxwell
Children Evelyn Cameron Maxwell
Judith Lee Maxwell

Evelyn Croom Maxwell was a prominent attorney and jurist.

Maxwell was born near Evergreen, Alabama on July 27, 1863, while the Maxwell family was away from their home in Pensacola, which had been taken by Union forces in the Civil War. He graduated from the University of Nashville in 1882. Returning to Pensacola, Maxwell taught public school there and in nearby Bagdad for a short time before being finishing his law study and gaining admittance to the Florida bar in 1885. He married Wilhelmina Thornton on February 1, 1894.

In February 1892 Maxwell became a judge for the Criminal Court of Record of Escambia County, in which capacity he served until November 1896, at which time he became a Circuit Court judge for the First District of Florida. Maxwell served in that capacity through September 1, 1901, on which date he became a commissioner of the Florida Supreme Court. On December 1, 1902, he became an associate justice on the same court, and served as such through February 15, 1904, at which time he retired from the bench in order to devote more time to private practice.


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