Daniel Gonzalez Brent

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Daniel Gonzalez Brent
D.G. Brent seated at far right
Born April 17, 1842
Washington, D.C.
Died November 28, 1918
Religion Catholic
Spouse Unmarried
Parents Thomas W. and Mercedes Brent

Daniel Gonzalez Brent (1842-1918) was a member of the prominent Brent family.

Military service[edit]

Prior to the Civil War, D. G. Brent served in the U.S. Army. He was promoted to corporal before being discharged.

At the start of the Civil War, Brent joined E. A. Perry's "Rifle Rangers." He was later appointed second lieutenant in the Confederate Marine Corps. He served as acting assistant quartermaster for Savannah, Georgia from May 1863 through the middle of 1864. His whereabouts for the remainder of 1864 are unaccounted for. At some point near the end of the war in 1865, Brent was stationed on the CSS Macon and later the CSS Sampson.

Life after the military[edit]

After the end of the Civil War, Brent returned to the Gulf Coast area. In Mobile, Brent worked at the Times and Register newspapers. He later returned to Pensacola, where he took a job managing his brother F. C. Brent's Brent Lumber Company. He later served as collector of customs at the Port of Pensacola and a banker at the Brent-controlled First National Bank of Pensacola.

D. G. Brent died at his home in Pensacola on November 28, 1918, of arteriosclerosis.