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Bon Marché (or Bon Marche) was a women's clothing store located in downtown Pensacola.

Founded in 1898 by James G. Pace and Louis Rosenbloum, it was originally called the Pace-Rosenbloum Company and was headquartered in Hazelhurst, GA. It relocated to Wauchula, FL in 1902, then to Pensacola in 1906. Its original Pensacola location was the first floor of the Thiesen Building.

The store name changed to "Bon Marché" ("good market") in 1909. It moved to a two-story location at 33 S. Palafox (just south of the Brent Building) in 1922 and was purchased by James' son, John C. Pace, in 1934.

In 1956 Pace sold the store to a group of businessmen called Downtown Stores Inc., which included as stockholders: James H. Baroco, Clarence Elebash, Eugene Elebash, John D. Harrell, Charles F. Gund, D. Jack Kugelman, John St. John, W. M. Swinford, H. W. Thompson, and H. R. Yarbrough. They sold it again in 1965 to James Lehman (of Illinois) and Bib English (who had been and remained store manager), and it was renamed Lehman's Bon Marché.

Two years later, in June 1967, the store went out of business.