Blount Junior High School

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A. C. Blount Junior High School
Building Information
Location 113 North C Street
Client Escambia County
Current Owner Blount Redevelopment, LLC
Completion Date 1915 (Original J. B. Lockey School)
1937 (Blount Junior High expansion)
Size Two stories
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.41315" lon="-87.228752" type="hybrid" zoom="17" width="300" height="275">

30.413171, -87.228832 Blount Junior High School </googlemap>

W. A. Blount Junior High School was a junior high (or middle) school located at 113 North C Street.

Formerly the J. B. Lockey School, the school was expanded in 1937 and converted to a junior high school[1] and renamed for William Alexander Blount, Sr.[2]

The Escambia County School District vacated the building in 1982. Frank McGinley purchased the building "as-is" for $5,000 in 1996. McGinley intended to turn one of the campus' smaller buildings into a private residence for himself, while converting the larger 39,000 square foot building into low-cost apartments for the elderly.[3] However, McGinley was not able to finance his plans, and resold the property for $400,000 to Blount Redevelopment, LLC in 2004.

Blount Junior High's school newspaper was called Put It Blountly.[4]


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