Alexander Vice Clubbs

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Alexander Vice Clubbs
A v clubbs.jpg
Born August 26, 1844
Rochester, New York
Died December 17, 1915
Occupation Builder, civic leader
Spouse Katherine Williams
Children Occie Clubbs
Lily Clubbs
Two other daughters
Four sons

Alexander Vice Clubbs (18441915), better known as A. V. Clubbs, was a prominent Pensacolian in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a well-known builder, community leader, and patron of education.

Clubbs was born August 26, 1844 in Rochester, New York. He arrived in Pensacola in 1866 and went to work as a carpenter at the Pensacola Navy Yard. Clubbs later went into business for himself, and eventually became one of most prominent builders in the area, building the Old Opera House on Jefferson Street and the Clubbs Building on Government and Palafox Streets, as well as many early area schools.

Clubbs became increasingly involved in local education, joining the School Board in the late 19th century. He would go on to serve as its chairman for six years. In 1910, the A. V. Clubbs School was built in the 1200 block of East Lloyd Street. Originally a high school, it was converted to a grammar school after 1916. The original structure was demolished in 1995. N. B. Cook Elementary School currently occupies the site.

He is the namesake of the A. V. Clubbs Center, currently located at 1100 East Cervantes Street, as well as Clubbs Street, a short street near Pensacola Bay.


  • Served on the Board of Public Instruction in (at least) 1885 [1]
  • Served on the Boards of Directors of the Pensacola Building & Loan Association, the Workingmen's Building and Savings Association, and the Pensacola Board of Trade and Exchange in (at least) 1885 [2]
  • Served as President of the Escambia County School Board in (at least) 1906 [3]

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