Albert Lord Avery

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Albert Lord Avery
Born April 16, 1817
Groton, Connecticut
Died May 21, 1901
Occupation Businessman
Spouse Marian Campbell Avery
Emily Campbell Avery
Parents Asa Lord and Betsey Miner Avery
Children Emily Campbell Avery
Hellen Florida Avery
Marian Elizabeth Avery
John Campbell Avery
Albert Miner Avery
Richard McCord Avery

Albert Lord Avery was a Pensacola businessman known primarily for his engagement in the hardware business. He founded the firm now known as Pensacola Hardware.

Born in Groton, Connecticut in 1817, Albert Lord Avery came to the Pensacola area in 1833, and engaged in the hardware business shortly thereafter. In 1876, he took his son Albert Miner Avery as a partner, calling the firm A. L. and A. M. Avery. After the elder Avery's retirement, the firm continued under the management of his son, eventually becoming Pensacola Hardware.[1]

Albert Lord Avery served for several years as an alderman of the City of Pensacola.