Municipal elections, 1905

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Pensacola Journal ad for the White Democratic candidates

A municipal election was held on June 6, 1905, to select officials of the City of Pensacola. The election was a "clean sweep" for the new White Democratic Party, whose candidates were elected in an April 4 primary and advocated white supremacy in municipal government.

The Pensacola Journal gave much favorable coverage to the White Democratic candidates, especially mayoral candidate Charles H. Bliss, labeling opponents "Anti-White." The Journal wrote of the victory:

The majorities were all so large and the victory itself so decisive that it settles not only the question of the legality and the regularity of the White Primary, but it settles for all time to come the White Primary proposition in this city. … From the time the returns began to come in and the election of the Democratic ticket was indicated, crowds swarmed around The Journal office and The Journal was congratulated on all sides on its great fight for the White Primary and the Democratic ticket—congratulations which The Journal heartily reciprocates with the White Democracy of Pensacola.[1]

General election results[edit]

Mayor of Pensacola
Chas. H. Bliss 1229
Rix M. Robinson 68
C. L. Shine 801
C. H. Wells 17
Pensacola City Marshal
C. F. Schad 1357
Frank Wilde 732
Pensacola Tax Collector
N. McK. Oerting 832
Jno. Cary Whiting 1125
Pensacola City Treasurer
Wm. G. Daily 1142
Jos. I. Johnson 519
Mansfield Moreno 110
James Stearns 159
Pensacola Fire Chief
John Baker 710
W. R. Bicker 723
Jas. C. Clarke 103
J. Geo. White 487
Alderman Precinct 12
A. S. Cox 189
A. H. D'Alemberte 405
Alderman Precinct 13
O. M. Pryor 93
P. K. Yonge 309
Alderman Precinct 14
Jas. McHugh 190
Alex Zelius 128
Alderman Precinct 15
T. S. Caro 226
W. B. Wright 339
Alderman At Large Precinct 12
Chas. H. Gingles 1132
Wm. L. Moyer 735
Alderman At Large Precinct 15
A. Greenhut 614
Wm. Hayes 1163


  1. "Victorious White Primary Democracy." Pensacola Journal, June 7, 1905.