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A 1909 edition of the Stone & Webster Public Service Journal gives the following account of conditions in Pensacola:[1]

June: Bids have recently been awarded by the city for paving the streets. The material is to be brick and wood blocks. The paving will cover ten miles of streets, and with the addition of the concrete sidewalks, which are now being constructed, the appearance of Pensacola will be greatly improved. Work on the new San Carlos Hotel is being pushed rapidly. The cencrete forms are now being built on the third story.

July: During the latter part of June, the company's park, known as Palmetto Beach, on the Bay Shore line, was opened as a pleasure resort to the public, the initial attendance being large. This resort is being conducted by some of Pensacola's young enterprising business men, and from all appearances it will be a profitable investment for both the company and the promoters. The contract for paving the streets of Pensacola has been signed by Mayor Rielly, and work will be begun on August 1st. A Pensacola lumber firm has the distinction of recently shipping to Spain two million feet of select lumber to be used in the construction of a summer palace for the king of Spain. Work on the East Pensacola Heights railroad is nearing completion, and it is expected that cars will be in operation within the next two weeks.

August: The Palmetto Beach Amusement Co., which has leased and partially developed our beach property, with theatre, dance pavilion, restaurant and other attractions, drew an excellent business. Picnics, ball games and balloon ascensions taxed our Bay Shore facilities on several occasions. On July 16th, the East Pensacola line was opened for traffic. This line, built by the Engineering Corporation for the Pensacola Investment Company, connects with our East Hill line, crosses Bayou Texar on a 1300 feet trestle, and opens up a very attractive section for residences. At the end of the line is Magnolia Bluff Park, a pleasant spot for picnics. The operation of this line is in the hands of the Pensacola Electric Co., and on several occasions large crowds were moved. Gangs of men are at work in the streets about to be paved, putting in sewer, water and gas connections. In spite of every effort to expedite matters, it is doubtful if paving can actively start before September 1st. This company has considerable material on the ground and expects to be ready for track reconstruction as soon as the streets are prepared.

Images dated 1909[edit]

Bird's eye view of Pensacola, taken from atop the L&N grain elevator (Haines Photo Co., 18 February 1909). Looking north between Tarragona and Barracks Streets. Note the American National Bank Building under construction about halfway through the left half of the image.
Bird's eye view of Pensacola harbour, taken from atop the L&N grain elevator (Haines Photo Co., 16 February 1909). Looking roughly southwest. Note the L&N Marine Terminal Building in its original location.
Panoramic view of Plaza Ferdinand VII, City Hall, and the Pensacola Opera House (Haines Photo Co., 16 February 1909). Looking west on Zaragoza Street and north on Jefferson Street.