J. D. Carter

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J. D. Carter
Born circa 1882-1883
Died April 4, 1909
Occupation Pensacola police officer
Not to be confused with J. T. Carter.

J. D. Carter (first name possibly John[1]) (d. April 4, 1909) was a Pensacola police officer found dead at Aragon Street and Luke's Alley. He had been stabbed in the heart while attempting to arrest a black man, allegedly David Alexander, in the early morning hours of April 4. After making the arrest, the man managed to stab Carter. Though he was wounded fatally, he purued the man for approximately fifty yards, firing off two shots, before collaping into the street and dying.[2]

Alexander was apprehended later in the day on April 4 and was lynched by a white mob the next day.

Little is known about Carter. He was 26 years old and unmarried at the time of his death, having served with the Pensacola Police for "six or eight months". He had resided in Florida for three years, first in Jacksonville and later in Pensacola. His body was prepared for burial by F. R. Pou and shipped to either Boxley or Nichols in Georgia.